Collaborative Projects

Unfortunately, Birdlight Games is not taking on any new collaborative projects for 2023. 

See your designs take flight!

Some of our past projects consisted of helping to bring others’ game concepts to life.

Refugee Journeys: Get the game HERE.  (Price is in USD)

“Rob Gosselin (Birdlight Games) recently collaborated with me on a project called Refugee Journeys. I had very limited experience with creating a board game, and Rob was instrumental in helping the game move from my initial idea to a finished product. He was very easy to work with and always willing to try the different ideas I came up with, and to gently make suggestions of how I could improve my game. On my own, I don’t think the game would be nearly as polished and professional as what Rob helped me to create. He responded to emails quickly, and always went the extra mile to make my game beautiful down to the tiniest detail. I appreciated his input, suggestions, and professional expertise so much. If you are looking for someone to help support your game-making endeavour, I can’t recommend Rob highly enough.”

Michelle Lam

CPS Grad Legacy Fund

In March 2017 the Grad Legacy Fund committee undertook a playing card project to raise money for the Churchbridge Public School ‘Grad Legacy Fund’. The project was discussed amongst the committee members and Rob Gosselin (Birdlight Games) volunteered to do the artwork requirements for the cards. Over the past few months the project took shape and is now complete with the artwork on decks developed, decks ordered and received.  We give many thanks to Rob for developing the artwork and using his relationship with the card company for their great service when ordering the cards.

Robert Haacke